Install by repository

Install by repository

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Register to Github

To take advantage of Jorigamy for free, the best way is to use it through Github Pages; thanks to Github pages you will have a website with subdomain, and the structure will be very fast and can host up to 100,000 users a month for free.

Sign up

If you have not done so yet, sign up on Github so that you can take advantage of the Jorigamy theme.

Uses an appealing username due to the fact that it will be the name of the site created with Jorigamy (you'll can crete it from an organization too)

Sign up
1 - Sign up

Enter your credentials, email and password to register with Github. Then confirm the registration in your email.

2 - Confirm

Confirm your registration by checking your email and searching for the email sent by Github, then click on the link in the email to confirm your registration.

3 - Ready

Now your Github account is ready, you just have to create your project with Jorigamy. Now it's time to import!

4 - Import Jorigamy

The fastest way to install Jorigamy on your Github account is to import the project directly into your repository. Scroll down the page to find out how!

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Import Jorigamy

Now it's time to import Jorigamy into your Github account. Follow the simple steps to correctly import the project between your repositories.

Import it

To carry out the import, press the button with the 'plus' symbol at the top right of the Github menu, now click on the 'import repository' entry.

Copy the repository link from your address bar to your browser after opening Jorigamy via the button below.

1 - Plus symbol

Press the 'plus' button at the top right and then press 'import'. At this point enter the link to the repository of Jorigamy that you copied by pressing the button above on the left. The import page will open and you can upload the Jorigamy repository

2 - Import

Now after entering the link on the import page, set the name of your repository with '' (where 'yourusername' is the name you chose for your Github account). Click import.

3 - Edit your site

After importing Jorigamy go to your user page open the Jorigamy repository (which you called and open the '_config.yml' file. Edit the 'url' section with the value '' where 'yourusername' is your username.

4 - Start Dev

Now your site is configured, all that's left is to finish configuring the settings in the '_config.yml' file and starting with the development of your website.

🔥Start use Jorigamy🔥

Set up Github for desktop

You can communicate more effectively and faster with Github through it's desktop application. Start now to use it, download now!

Choose your favourite editor

There are many tools to interact with the code and Github, my favorites are: Visual Studio Code, Atom and Sublime text, They are all strictly free.

What next ♻️

Immediately after correctly installing Jorigamy you can do several things to improve it.