Jorigamy is a porting of Shards UI toolkit a bootstrap4 starter template intalled for Jekyll static website generator.


Antonio Trento - Web Marketing, web design, web admin

Shards is a modern design system based on Bootstrap 4 that comes packed with 10 extra custom components and two pre-built landing pages. It’s also lightweight with its stylesheet weighting only ~12kb minified and gzipped.

I created a tool that you can use for free

🔥🔥🔥 Jorigamy was created through Jekyll and is hosted on github pages to allow you to have a completely free professional website.

Quick and simple 👌

Quick and simple

The solution to create a prelaunchs, simple sites and lead generation squeeze pages.. With jorigamy you can quickly create fast and well structured web pages with which you can launch your product or promote your brand for free.

Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required

Start use it


Jorigamy is structured to be among the fastest in the loading phase of the website by readers.


Jorigamy is completely free to use, both the code part and the hosting part thanks to the use of Github Pages.

Easy usage

Thanks to the professional structure and the use of the light bootstrap 4 framework to code your websites, you will have in your hands an excellent product that will show your readers how extraordinary your project is.

How to use it

Fork on the repository and start modifying your code from the config.yml file, it will be much easier than you think, everything is implemented, just enter your data!

Learn the best use of Jekyll in order to have complete control over your blog with Jorigamy.

Let's keep in touch on Steemit 💌

The best way to develop your website with Jorigamy is to read the documentation and, in case of doubt, contact me for some help. You can find me on steemit.

What inside!

Discover all the features already present on Jorigamy to speed up the development of your website.

Shards supports the Material Icons pack by default.

Font Awesome

Over 900+ Icons
Shards supports the Material Icons pack by default.

Materials Icons

Over 600+ Icons
Shards supports the FontAwesome Icons pack by default.

Google Analitycs

Track your customers
Shards supports the Material Icons pack by default.

Google ADSense

Monetize your site
Shards supports the Material Icons pack by default.

Google Tags

Integrate google tools
Shards supports the FontAwesome Icons pack by default.

Google Optimize

A/B test your pages

Support it

Help me to increase the popularity of the theme, increasing the functionality of the same, simply doing an upvote and a resteem on steemit or donating a handful of coins.

Do not ask yourself: "Who are the others to be helped?". Ask yourself: "Who am I not to help them?".

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Donate with altcoins
Donate with altcoins

Extras 🦄

Jorigamy supports some other tools and layouts including:


HTML5UP templates for websites.
Mailchim email marketing platform.
Popmotion JS Library.
Disqus comment system.
Emoji icons.
Simple Parallax JS Library.
Animate css Library.
Bootstrap 4 framework.
Shards App Promo - Demo Landing Page
Mobile App Promo
Shards Agency - Demo Landing Page
Agency Landing Page
Shards App Promo - Demo Landing Page
Lead gen layout
Shards Agency - Demo Landing Page
Gallery layout


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Read the Docs

Make sure you check out the documentation and learn more about all the available components and how to use them.